Baylake Bank Continues to Reflect Strong Wisconsin Values

A recent article by the Wisconsin Bankers Association stated that almost 50 percent of the Badger State’s banks have been serving their communities for more than 100 years and reflect the heritage of the state: hardworking, fiscally conservative and community oriented. For Baylake Bank, that statement definitely rings true.

Our bank charter in Kewaunee dates back to 1876, so we’re celebrating 135 years of community banking this year! In addition, Baylake Bank has been serving Door County for 122 years, and more recently our Central and Green Bay area communities for 15 years. Over those 135 years, our course has always been directed by firm adherence to a code of integrity, caring, fairness, and responsibility to our customers and the communities we serve. With 135 years behind us, you can be confident Baylake Bank knows how to harness the ebb and flow of changing times, changing customer needs, and changing technologies to better serve you.

Countless small businesses have been built or expanded with funds from Baylake Bank. Hundreds of employees have been hired at those businesses. Paychecks from those businesses have put food on the table for thousands of families in our communities. And as our “Buy Local” article in this e-newsletter explains, keeping funds local makes a huge difference in quality of life.

Relationships between our customers and employees are built on trust and understanding, along with a desire to build something better together. We take our fiscal responsibility very seriously, and work each day to help customers manage their financial goals and build their good life. 

More than anything else, Baylake Bank is made up of the individuals you know as your friends and neighbors. It is commonplace for customers to share a laugh with their Baylake commercial lender as both work the concession stand for their children’s basketball team, for Baylake Private Bankers to share a table at a fundraiser with a client who has become a friend, and for Baylake tellers to smile and wave to customers as they stroll the streets of town while holiday shopping. Along with a deep respect for professionalism and privacy, we hold the highest esteem for making a positive difference every day. 

Baylake Bank will continue to provide financial education, and convenient and safe financial resources for individuals, families, non-profit organizations, and businesses; we will continue to uphold our responsibilities as an interwoven part of the well-being of our communities. Along with the Wisconsin Bankers Association and the state’s nearly 30,000 bank employees, we are proud of the important role community banks serve.