ImagePass for eBanc


ImagePass is a service for your internet banking security.  This free security service works along with your Access ID and Password as an added safety feature when you access eBanc to help verify that you are on Baylake Bank's authentic website. 

Existing eBanc users will be automatically prompted to register for this service.  You will only need to register once, and then ImagePass will be provided for you.  New eBanc users will be asked to accept this same service the second time you Log In. 

ImagePass consists of three things:
1.  Authentication Image: an image such as the examples pictured above on this page.
Dog. Great Day.2.  Authentication Pass Phrase: a caption you will type under the image, as in the "Great Day" example pictured at right
Three Challenge Questions:  You will be asked to select and answer three questions, with answers that only you would know.

ImagePass also helps eBanc verify that you are really the person allowed to access your accounts.  You will have an option to click to register your personal computer, or one used exclusively by you.

Registered Personal Computers:  If your personal computer is registered, the next time you Log In to eBanc, you will:
1.  Enter your Access ID.
2.  Recognize the Image and Pass Phrase are yours.
3.  Enter your Password.

Public Computers:  You should not register computers that are not yours.  ImagePass will not recognize an unregistered computer, so your Image and Pass Phrase will not automatically appear.  Instead, you will be asked to answer one of your Challenge Questions, so ImagePass can be sure that it is really you trying to access your accounts.  When you Log In to eBanc on a public computer:
1.  Enter your Access ID.
2.  A Challenge Question will appear.  Answer it exactly as you did when you first registered your ImagePass.
3.  Recognize the Image and Pass Phrase are yours. 
4.  Enter your Password.

For more information on ImagePass for eBanc, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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