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Safe Deposit Box

Reason to Rent a Safe Deposit Box

The modern safe deposit vault offers protection not obtainable in any other manner, and at nominal cost. Many of your documents and valuables are irreplaceable.  Even when replacement is possible, the annoyance, inconvenience and expense is considerable. You can put any valuables you desire, such as bonds, stock certificates, deeds, leases, wills, naturalization papers, social security cards, army and pension papers, agreements, contracts, treasured documents, jewelry, heirlooms, your safe deposit box.

Renting And Accessibility

Renting is very easy. All you are asked to do is sign an agreement covering the rental of the box and provide adequate identification for your protection as well as ours. An automatic payment method is recommended for your convenience. A box is then assigned to you and you are given two keys to it. Whenever you wish to use it, you are requested to sign your name on a slip which is quickly compared with your signature on the original agreement. You are then given access to the box. No one else may have access to your safe deposit box, unless you provide authorization.

There is not a master key that can open the lock. Each box is equipped with a double lock requiring two keys. The bank has the guard key, the customer is given two identical keys. EACH KEY IS USELESS WITHOUT THE OTHER. No one can open or lock your box without your key. If one of your keys is lost, we will close out the box and issue you a new box. If both of your keys are lost, the box has to be drilled open, resulting in a $200 minimum charge, plus actual costs if greater. NEW KEYS CAN ONLY BE MADE BY THE BANK for a replacement fee of $20 each.

If a lost key is found by someone else, they will not be able to enter your safe deposit box because your signature is on record. No one has access to the box whose signature does not correspond to that on file.

For pricing details and safe deposit box availability, contact a Customer Service Representative at your local Baylake Bank Financial Center.

Contents of safe deposit boxes are not FDIC insured.

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