Mobile Check Deposit

mCheckWith Baylake Bank's mCheck "Mobile Check Deposit" you can deposit checks to your Baylake Bank checking, savings, or money market accounts*. Simply take a picture of your check with your phone, and upload the information to Baylake Bank.

mCheck app iconDownload this App and Enroll online to enjoy the convenience and security of mCheck. You will receive an email indicating when you can start depositing checks to your account with mCheck.

To be eligible to use mCheck, you must have a Baylake Bank checking, savings, or money market account and your enrollment must be approved by the bank for the mobile check deposit service. There is no charge from Baylake Bank, but data rates may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is mCheck?

With Baylake Bank's mCheckTM - Mobile Check Deposit - you can deposit checks to your Baylake Bank checking, savings, or money market accounts. Simply take a picture of your check with your phone, and upload the information to Baylake Bank.

2. Where do I download the App?

mCheck is available for the iPhone® or tablet from iTunes and for AndroidTM  smartphones from Google Play.
Download on the App Store  Get it on Google Play

IPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

3. How do I get started? How do I enroll?

1. Download the mCheck app to your iPhone or Android camera enabled smartphone.
2. Open the app, then click the "Sign Up" button toward the bottom of the screen. Complete the enrollment form.
3. Watch for an email to come within 1 - 2 business days from regarding your enrollment.
Tip: Include all the accounts you may want to use mCheck with at the time of Sign Up. You can include checking, savings, and money market accounts.

4. How do I use mCheck to deposit a check?

1.Log in to mCheck.
2. Endorse your check exactly as it is written.
3. Snap a picture of the front and a picture of back of the check.
4. Submit the check.
Tip: Write "electronically presented" on the front of the check for your records. Keep the check in a safe place until it clears.

5. I have tried to Login, but mCheck says my account does not have access rights.

Ensure you are using the Username and Password that you set up during mCheck enrollment. This Username and Password is not automatically set up to use your eBanc or mBanc access codes.
If you have not enrolled yet, or have not received an enrollment acceptance email from your account may not be set up yet. If it has been more than 2 business days since you enrolled, call 1-800-267-3610 for assistance.

6. Do I need to be an eBanc online banking or mBanc mobile banking user?

No, but you should!  You'll enjoy the convenience of online banking through your smartphone with our mBanc app available from iTunes or Google Play. mBanc uses the same Username and Password as eBanc, so you do need to be set up for eBanc online banking to use the mBanc app.
mCheck is a separate app, and you will set up a separate Username and Password. You do not need to enroll in eBanc or mBanc first.

7. Will this work on my iPad or iTouch?

Yes, it is made for the iPhone, but it will work on tablets.

8. When will my check be deposited and funds be available for use in my account?

Checks submitted and accepted for deposit with mCheck before 4:00 pm Central Time on a Business Day will be credited to your account on the next business day. You will not see the check credited on eBanc or mBanc until the next Business Day.
You may check the status of the check by logging in to mCheck and clicking the "Review" button.  

9. How do I know if a check is accepted for deposit?

You can view the status of the check submitted by clicking the "Review" button. The status will indicate "pending" until the check is reviewed for deposit. If the check is "rejected" you will receive an email from notifying you to log in to mCheck for the reason. If the check was "accepted" for deposit before 4:00 pm Central Time on a Business Day, it will be credited to your account the next Business Day.

10. Why would a check be rejected?

Each account is approved for parameters for checks to deposit. For example, there could be a limited number of checks per day, or a maximum dollar amount allowed. Checks are also rejected if not endorsed properly, or if it is a third party check. The reason a check may not have been accepted will be indicated in the "Review" section of mCheck.

11. Can I deposit multiple checks?

Each deposit consists of only one check. Each check must be submitted for deposit to mCheck separately.

12. How can I add additional accounts?

Multiple accounts can be added during Sign Up. Once enrolled, call 1-800-267-3610 to add additional accounts.

13. Is there a fee for mCheck?

There is not a separate cost for mCheck, but data rates may apply. Business customers should note that regular deposit maintenance service fees apply, and each deposit is a separate item.  

14. How can I view the EULA (end user license agreement)?

Login to mCheck and click the "Info" button, then "EULA". If you need assistance, please call 1-800-267-3610.