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The Tall Ships are Coming®!
And this is cool because ... why exactly??

tall shipWhen the Baylake Bank Tall Ship Festival® takes place this summer from August 16-18, 2013, a big focus of the festival is -- as one would expect -- on tall ships.

The term "tall ship" actually refers to a diverse range of traditionally rigged sailing vessels, including square-rigged barks and brigs often associated with pirate ships, schooners that typically have triangular sails, and smaller sloops and ketches. What all tall ships have in common is that they are constructed of wood (and possibly iron); they are propelled exclusively or primarily by wind and crew rather than an engine; and their majestic visual appeal.

While they were the work horses of the sea in years gone by -- serving as cargo ships, naval vessels, fishing schooners, and more -- tall ships now serve as classrooms at sea, hands-on museum exhibits, environmental ambassadors, and even tools for international relations. According to the History Channel, "These vessels draw our attention and focus us on their missions because they are powerful icons, symbolizing strength, beauty, and harmony wherever they go."

They will be in our area once again as part of the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Race, a series of sailing races, cruises, crew rallies, and maritime festivals organized by Tall Ships America in conjunction with U.S. and Canadian ports across the Great Lakes.

Baylake Bank is proud to once again serve as title sponsor in bringing this unique event to our region. It is a great fit with our history and nautical brand, and more importantly, with our mission to "help build the good life" in our communities.

Watch for ship and festival details throughout the coming months!

Sources: History Channel, Tall Ships America®


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