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When You Can’t Get Away—Remote Deposit Saves the Pay

Krystal Thibodeau

Krystal Thibodeau
AVP Cash Management

Many small business owners and professional practitioners in our market area receive payment for goods and services in the form of a paper check, but are often unable-- due to schedule or staffing-- to physically take those deposits to the bank to receive next-day credit. Baylake Bank offers a fast and secure way to electronically deliver deposits to the bank while saving time, money and improving collection rates.

Remote Deposit Capture allows businesses to scan their checks and deposit them safely via their computer. Fewer trips to the bank allows business owners more time to focus on their business and customers, while reducing travel expenses—especially if you are more than a few minutes or miles from your favorite financial center.

“Remote Deposit Capture makes sense for medium activity accounts, and particularly for businesses that receive a good percentage of payments in the form of a paper check. We offer two different choices of scanning machines depending on the business size and volume, and both provide a secure, encrypted connection to ensure privacy and accuracy,” said Krystal Thibodeau, AVP Cash Management.

In addition to the added convenience, extended deposit cut-off times (beyond regular banking business hours) can improve funds availability and earning capacity. Immediate images of deposited items and bank tracking information can provide up-to-the-minute reporting.

To learn more about the benefits of Remote Deposit Capture, please contact Krystal Thibodeau at (920) 431-3606 or email with your questions.



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