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Monitor Your Credit with the Help of Free Credit Reports
Vicki Shefchik

Vicki Shefchik
Mortgage Lender
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Baylake Bank regularly provides information within this newsletter to alert customers of the importance of: (1) monitoring your bank account information regularly, (2) being diligent about keeping online passwords and other personal information secure, and (3) regularly monitoring your credit report for any unauthorized activity. However, surveys show that more than four out of five people - or 81% - do not check their credit reports annually.

You can obtain a free credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – through the industry’s official website, at To most efficiently monitor your credit, we recommend staggering your report requests to one every four months.

In addition to the benefit of no-cost monitoring, your free credit report might remind you of open retail cards and will show maximum line of credit amounts that may have been authorized over time due to a good payment history. Remember, most lenders would include these maximum amounts in calculating your debt to income ratio if you are looking to apply for a new loan. Also, some customers discover collections or other liens outstanding that they may have delayed payment on or forgotten.

We encourage you to be smart about the no-cost ways you can help yourself and protect your credit. If you should have questions about your credit report, please call a Baylake Bank Financial Center near you.


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