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 Discovering the Value of a Dollar

woman and child with piggy bankSaving for a toy truck or a doll to a child is the equivalent of an adult saving for a similar real-life purchase like a home. Unfortunately, their allowance is usually spent long before enough is collected to make a big purchase. Itís hard for children to see the whole picture that is the saving process, but luckily Penny the Cow is here to help. By setting small goals, children start to see the advantages of storing their pennies for later.

Baylakeís Cowabunga Kidsí Club is a savings program designed to help you teach your child the benefits of saving their money and they can get started for as little as a $10 deposit. At Baylake Bank, we believe it is important to offer children the opportunity to learn how their money works and to start a regular practice of saving at a young age. We know that one day they will need to know how to make knowledgeable decisions and the best way to learn is from example. The Cowabunga Kidís Club program also sends a newsletter to Penny Pals to help guide them toward learning more about money. Penny hosts fun events where your child can meet some of the over 2,000 club members. With 21 locations, Cowabunga Kidsí Club opportunities are available wherever you may live. Whether itís saving up for a video game, car, or college, Penny and your friends here at Baylake are here to help them every step of the way. To learn more contact a Baylake Bank Personal Banker.



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