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Mobile Banking Security: Keep Your Information Safe

smartphone secured with lockMobile banking places all of the functionality of a home PC on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, but how safe is your information? Mobile banking can be as basic as receiving text messages of balance information to as sophisticated as app downloads. The conveniences of having access via mobile device is attractive, but beware, fraudsters are finding ways to garner information and use it to commit fraud.

What can you do to keep your information safe?

• Don’t lose your phone. I know it sounds simple, but know where your phone is at all times. Keep it in the same pocket every time you leave your home, and leave it in the same spot when you return home.

• Password, password, password. We are all busy, and it is tempting to disable the password function on your phone. Don’t do it! A password will deter a thief and hopefully give you time to disable your phone if lost.

• Download apps from safe sites. Use the official app stores to download your apps. Don’t click on links from unknown sources – they may have malicious code attached that could compromise your phone’s security.

• Log off. If you use a mobile banking app, be sure to log off when you are finished using the service. Some applications will remain open, and if the phone is stolen, the thief could easily see your information. Logging off is a simple way to ensure you have disconnected from the mobile banking site.

• Avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. Criminals can intercept information that is submitted through a public network, and in an instant, your information could be stolen.

• Don’t click on links from an unknown source. The same rule can be applied to your smartphone as well as your home PC. Links from an unknown source are trying to divert you to a site that will load malicious code on your phone that will track your information. Delete any unknown texts or links – they are most likely malicious.

Since your phone is really a mini computer, treat your phone the same way you would treat your home PC, and protect your information by practicing these simple tips.


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