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Don't Miss Out on your Tax Refund: Verify Account Numbers

February 27, 2013 -- Sturgeon Bay, WI

As income tax time approaches, we want to remind you to DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBERS before submitting your taxes. If you send in your tax forms and are expecting a refund, but donít provide the correct account number for direct deposit, the deposit will be rejected when it gets to your bank.

In general, if the refund is coming from the Federal Government, it will have your social security number on the electronic file, so the bank may be able to verify your information and credit the deposit to the correct account. However, if the refund is coming from the state, it will not have your social security number anywhere on the report, so the bank will not be able to verify your information, and the deposit will be returned to the state.

Additionally, be sure to verify your BANKíS ROUTING NUMBER; if there have been changes at your bank, this number may have been affected. Many people donít realize that if you have used it in previous years, tax software (such as Turbo Tax) typically pre-fills your information from the last year, so itís important to verify that itís all still accurate.

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